About Us

M1A was founded upon 3 basic principles: Faith. Freedom. Fitness.

Mission 1 is a way of life. It is a representation of You, Me, and Us.

Mission 1 Apparel was founded by Joe and Michelle Stewart, a husband and wife team and owners of Mission 1 – CrossFit Caro. Our Mission is clear: Share who we are and what we love with everyone that we possibly can. Help as many people as possible along the way.

M1A Products

All of our apparel is hand printed. This is a point of pride for us. Every print we create is unique and has our hands on it from start to finish. From the design process to the amount of ink to how the design is placed the item; we want our hands doing the work of every single step. 

Our goal is to provide apparel that is unique, comfortable, and delivers a message. We want you to scour through piles of clothes searching for your favorite M1A shirt because it says something about YOU. We want our customers to wear our apparel with pride, knowing that specific item was made just for them. You will be among only a few people in the world to own these particular items.

As always, thank you for your loyalty and support of our brand. We hope that you continue to follow our lead and never settle on achieving your Mission.